Sunday, October 30, 2011

Africa is AMAZING!!!

Seriously, I love it here already!  The food is awesome!  My companion is Elder Boakye (Bo-Chay) from Ghana, he's teaching me the language and I am picking it up pretty quickly.  Everyone is so friendly here, and Brother Burbidge was totally right about the African handshake. (I'm getting it down slowly)  The flight wasn't too bad and I was so glad to have all the other Elders there with me.
The MTC is nice, but the first day the humidity was a smack to the face ( it seriously puts Florida to shame, so remember when you complain next summer what I am going through)  I find it difficult to understand the teachers and Elders sometimes and have to get them to repeat themselves quiet often, but I am getting more adjusted.
I'm really excited to get out in the field and start teaching, and am really curious to meet my trainer!
Will write again soon, so stayed tuned.

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