Monday, November 28, 2011

The Field Is Great!

Unfortunately we didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but there are 4 of us in the apartment so after we cooked our individual meals it was kind of the same thing, ha.

The field is great but can be rough some days.  We are teaching a few investigators with promise, so by the end of December we should have 4-5 baptisms.  One of them is a boy about 10 that is way cool, he's very clever and I love him a lot.  We are also teaching a girl about 15 or 16 but I have to be careful with her (she seems to be smitten with me).  We had a stake conference, which was amazing!  There were literally hundreds of people and not enough chairs to hold them all.  It was inspiring!  All the missionaries were called up to the stand during the mission president's wife's talk on member support.  The spirit was very strong during that and I loved it!

The local food is decent so I eat off the street regularly.  Don't worry, it is safe as long as you use caution and some common sense.  I'm not going hungry anyway, ha!

My camera is back in working condition (I am so excited about that) so I will be taking lots of pictures.  I did take some pictures today when we toured the slave castle, etc.  It was pretty awesome and pretty sad too.

Sweet that our ward is blowing up!  That is always good news.  I know it is a little sad that Elder Kanis will be leaving soon, but I am sure he is VERY excited to be going home.  He will be missed though.

As always, thanks to everyone at church for the support and care, I love you all!!  I will get pics up soon.

Take care and I love you mom and will talk to you next week!!

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