Monday, November 21, 2011

My first few days in the mission field

Mondays are my P days and I get an hour so I am in Cape Coast at an internet cafe right now.  We walked along the beach and saw one of the slave castles.  It was pretty sweet.(I'll get pics as soon as I can)

I gotta say, the work  is SWEET!  It is definitely the most difficult thing I've ever done, period, but it is so rewarding.  Right now I'm in Nkanfoa and my companion is Elder Derry from Accra.  Nkanfoa is pretty much a little village/town outside of Cape Coast.  All the houses are made from mud bricks if that gives you an idea.  Our apartment is very nice though and it's right next to the mission home.

The culture is definitely a shock, HA.  The first day in the field I went to the market and it's crazy intense, haha.  Indecent exposure...not really a big deal in my area, it is crazy!  We were teaching and in the middle of the lesson the mother just starts breast feeding her baby.  All the young mothers do this, even at church.  I was not prepared for that one!  A lot of the matriarchs (older women) just sit around topless...awkward!  Also, there aren't any public restrooms so when you have to go pee, you just go where ever.  Gutters, etc. are disgusting.  I still love the place though!

We don't do dinner appointments so I cook everything on a gas stove. (that should help with any future packages you send).  Although, we were at an investigator's house and helped pound out the fufu so they let us eat with them.  I am very careful about what I eat off the street, but I do love some fried yam.  It's like steak fries.  I had sugar cane for the first time as well.  It's sweeeet!  Anything good here, they say SWEET, not matter what it is.  Goat meat would be considered SWEET.  haha

In Nkanfoa goats and chickens just roam around wherever.  I want to buy a gun and shoot the roosters, they are so annoying.  I thought they only "crowed" at sunrise...I was wrong.  I am gonna have some great pics though,

I have so much respect for everyone that washes clothes by is rough!  Cold showers are not that bad, I got use to those pretty quickly.  Elder is awesome, we get along well and we teach pretty well together.  We have quiet a few investigators now and we should have a few baptisms next month/January.

Time is a big deal on the mission and your planner is your best friend! ha

I'll write again next week.  Keep me posted .

I love everyone and I am always praying for you all.

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