Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temple Day

We just got back from the Temple and it was really great, seeing all the African people there was so special.

I've got the handshake down, well 3 of them actually.  I have made lots of friends so our mission is going to be a very, very fun one!

Speaking of Christmas, I need shaving gel and finger nail clippers (I forgot to bring them and am having to borrow from one of my roomies).  Just essentials, and gatorade.  Maybe some of my favorite treats would be nice.  A tie for my companion would be great!  Also, I would love  some copies of the pictures we had taken in Mississippi.

Well, our 30 minutes go by so quickly but I will keep you posted.   Will send a memory card full of pictures home soon, as I don't have time to upload them really, so stay tuned for pictures to be posted...

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