Monday, December 19, 2011

Not much this week

Our Christmas devotional was SWEET!!!  We had talks and sang hymns of course, but we had a nice banquet meal and watched a MOVIE!!  It's called Forever Strong and it's about rugby, it was sweet.  The coach is LDS but the movie doesn't ever make it obvious.  Check it out!

We also got Christmas presents!  We all got a legit kente cloth Ghana Cape Coast Mission tie (they sell fake ones that are crap up in Kumasi but real ones come from one town in Ghana) it's sweet!  I already had a real kente tie that I got from a RM that lives downstairs from our apartment.  So, now I have 2 and I like them both.  You can see one of them in one of the pics.

Well, nothing else too important happened this week so I am out of here!

Tell everyone at church hello for me, I miss them as well.

Talk to you next week!

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