Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PHONE CALL HOME 12-25-2011

Devon got to call home Christmas Day and got to talk for 2 hours.  He sounds very happy!  I will pass along what I learned from our conversation...

He is really loving the people he is teaching and the members, especially a 7 yr old boy he calls his "African Aaron" (referring to his "American Aaron", Aaron Hamm) who runs up to him every time he sees him and Devon  picks him up in a big hug!  The investigators that they are teaching now he says are very strong, very clever, and are gaining strong testimonies of the gospel so he knows they will be great members who stay active.  He said he felt a bit disappointed at first when the other Elders would tell of all the baptisms they were doing until it hit him that the most important thing for him was quality and not quantity.  Now he feels that he really is bringing souls unto Christ!

He really loves the mission president and his wife, President and Sister Shulz.  He said Sister Shulz is warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven!!  Sounds like she must be a very wonderful lady and that makes a mother extremely happy to know...

He and his companion, Elder Derry (whom I spoke to also and is sooo nice) are getting along great and are really having a great time.  He said Elder Derry will probably transfer in about a month or so and he will get a new companion and will probably be a trainer.  I got the impression that this would be bitter sweet for Devon because he thinks highly of Elder Derry.  He did say that they walk everywhere (it is hilly) and it is sooo hot that when they knock on a door he gets the funniest look because Elder Derry will be completely dry and he will be completely drenched in sweat.  He says it is like he is becoming liquid!  I certainly won't complain as much about Florida this summer!  He did tell me that they were walking one day where there was bushes and Elder Derry says, "Devon do you see the snake?"  Devon says, "no, what snake?"  Elder Derry says, "the snake right there!"  Devon said then all of a sudden Elder Derry runs over, grabs a stick and beats the snake to death with it.  (he also had to tell me that all the snakes there are deadly.  REALLY???  Thanks!!!!)   The only other snake incident they've had was...walking one day in town they noticed all the people were kinda freaked out so they walked over and Elder Derry started talking to a guy (in Fante) and found out that a couple of the villagers had come upon a python (pretty sure he said python) that had just eaten someone's goat and was just laying across the road.  They were trying to decide if they should go ahead and kill it or wait  for the goat to rot and then kill it.   Of course they were concerned that if the snake was big enough to eat a goat it could certainly eat one of their children...all I could think was, ummmm, Devon isn't much bigger than a goat so it could eat Devon!  Of course that is just the way a mother's mind works, I have complete faith that Devon will not be eaten by a large snake while serving his mission!

He did get to experience a traditional Ghanaian wedding which he said was pretty sweet.  The Ghanaian people just love music and to dance!  Yes, it was a member and they had permission to attend from the mission president...

Devon says he is pretty much a vegeterian now, however he does eat a little chicken sometimes.  He doesn't eat any beef because, well, he didn't want to talk about it.  He did eventually tell me why and well, I don't really want to talk about it either.  Let's just say that he is probably better off and leave it at that.  He does love fufu and the other things he buys.  Actually he has put on a couple of pounds since being there, so he is eating!  Of course he still wants packages sent to him, they love and appreciate those so much.  Elder Derry said that he loves that Devon shares...which I knew he would and that is why I send him so much.

The only down side of his mission thus far he said is that he has gotten NO letters from home.  He said another elder gets letters every week and him and Elder Derry always say, "I guess no one loves us since we never get any letters."  :(     Of course, this breaks my heart (I am his mother after all) so I told him I would write him letters and he said, "mom, there's no need for you to write letters because we email every week."  "I would like to get letters from friends or church members."  I can tell you (all that read this, that is) that he kept the letters that I sent with him (from church members) and he still reads them.  As a matter of fact, Brother Climer's letter helped him just last week when he reread it.  So, can you see the importance of letters from home???  YES, this is a big hint to write him letters!  If you need his address just let me know and I will get it to you.  Please, will you find it in your heart to support a missionary?  For only a few minutes of your time and the cost of postage, you can make a difference in the life of a missionary.  Won't you help?  (that's my version of a sad commercial, just add sad Sarah McLachlan song)

Well, that is pretty much what we talked about.  I know, you're thinking there is no way that took 2 hours to talk about and you would be right.  Some things, though, are just between a mother and her son...

Thanks to all who are following Devon's blog, it means a lot to him.  He sends his love from Ghana and says he misses everyone!

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