Monday, December 12, 2011

Preparing For Baptisms

Well, nothing really new going on here.  We are preparing our investigators for baptism on the 31st!  We've got 4 solid, for sure baptisms, but we are committing 2 others so hopefully we will have 6 entering into the waters of baptism for the new year!

Life is a blast right now!  We are having a big Christmas devotional next week.  I tell you what, they love Christmas here in Ghana.  It's the funniest thing, ha.  All you hear half the time is native Christmas music on the streets, in the taxi's, and the tro tro's, ha.

Well once again I'm off, these internet cafe's are really no fun at all!  Enjoy a couple of new pics.

me walking down the road
Elder Derry and Elder Brown...peace!
I'll write again next week!

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