Monday, December 5, 2011

The Work is Sweet

There are 4 missionaries in our apartment.  Me, Elder Derry (my companion), Elder Bond (Houston, TX), and Elder Omini (Nigeria).  They are super cool guys and we all became friends very quickly.

I fairly enjoy about all of the local food.  Plantains are especially delicious and you can prepare them about 1,000 ways!  Nutella here is about 15 cedi which is about 15 dollars, so if I get some Nutella from home that would be great!!!

The power has gone out twice so far but it is never really a big ordeal.  The work is sweet at the moment.  We had about 8 people commit to baptism, but only about 4 or so are serious.  It really is frustrating at times trying to build people's faith, especially when you know it is what they need.  It is even more upsetting when they don't come to church (that goes for members too!).

I am thankful for the guidance of the Spirit everyday!

Well, that's my week in a nutshell.  The internet cafes here are a pain (enjoy high speed internet!)  I will write again next week.

You are always in my prayers!

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