Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally, Baptisms!

So we finally had our baptisms.  Four candidates entered the waters, and we will have another baptismal service on Jan. 14.  The baptisms are a little less personal here, which saddens me a bit, but it is all good!  It is just different than a baptism in the states.

We have 6 elders in our apartment right now, temporarily.  They are trying to get them an apartment in their area so they will move on soon I am sure.  Elder Barnett is from England and his accent is very classy.  It's awesome!  His trainer, Elder Reid is from Colorado and he is a pretty funny guy.

I'll be done training (I really already am, ha) after this transfer, then I may train someone.  I am really curious if I will go to a new area.  I probably won't though, which is cool with me, I really like it here!

Well, not much happened this week so I'll write again next week.

Take Care!!

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