Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been converted!

Well this week was cool.  It's the African Cup right now and all the Ghanaian's are loving some football.  I've been converted, I have a Ghana Black Stars jersey and I'm definitely gonna be a soccer fan when I get home.  Especially that 2014 World Cup! WOOHOO!!!
It's hard to teach sometimes because everyone is watching the matches, so sometimes we don't know what to do, ha.

Other than that it's just been normal everyday missionary work.  I did give my first talk while on mission last Sunday.  I had to talk for about 20 minutes, but it was fun.  I talked about obedience, and now the Branch President really likes me and my companion, ha!

So, I now know without a doubt that I want to be a teacher.  The way I love instructing, especially when I have to teach district meetings, etc.  I think it's just my calling.  But I am definitely not dwelling on that, and am focusing on my purpose right now.  I can assure you the work is going smoothly at the moment.

I will be adding some pics later today.  One is of me during lights out, and one of me standing on top of a termite hill, and the other is just a scenery pic.

Well, I am sure some very interesting things will come to pass this week, with transfer news and such.

Until next week, take care!!  Mom, hug the dogs for me, ha!

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