Monday, January 9, 2012

Letters...and washing machines

Everything is of course great on my end.  I received Sister Moore's Christmas card which was very sweet, and a package from nana which was awesome!   Brother Beattie wrote me also, that was a nice, unexpected letter.  I am glad to know that Audrey got my letter, I wondered about that, and look forward to  her next letter.  A letter from the Climers would be great, I love them!

Last week was rough, due to investigators disappointing and all that, but I am sure this week will be miles better!
We did get a washing machine!  Elder Reid had it brought  from his last apartment, but they aren't that good here though, ha.  But hey, it saves time which is what counts the most!

Unfortunately, not much to report this time but maybe this week will be better.  Thanks for the letters I have gotten and the ones on the way, I really appreciate it so keep em coming!!!

Have a great week in the States.  Will update next week.

Peace from Ghana!

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