Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple foods and soccer

I've wondered if any new places to eat have opened up in our area???  I have learned to love simple foods now.  I have grown to love onions and garlic a lot and use them in almost everything.  I also like to grind salsa now, since we use a mortar and pestle to make what is called pepper (just a variation of salsa that the Ghanaian's make here)  You just appreciate the little things out here, you know?

This week has been awesome!  We have the most serious investigator.  He is truly converted to the gospel and doesn't care at all about the great and spacious building (get it?)  He is facing the challenge of leaving his former faith and family but he knows it's true with such sincerity that it's really touching.  He will be a great future leader. Sucks that we have a new rule that 18 and younger have to wait 3-6 months to be baptized unless they have a family member in the church.  He's 18, but his dad is really loving the gospel, so we are hoping to set a date for him soon too, so they can both enter the waters together.

We had a sweet zone activity today!  About 4 zones in the mission met together to play football (soccer) and it was way fun.  We went to this pretty nice field and the scenery was sweet.  I sucked, of course, ha, but I got out there and gave it my all.  Africans don't play around with football, they are so good; but I contributed and my zone won overall.

So, Elder Littlefield is still there? Hmmm, I'm thinking he may die in Crestview! ha  ("die" is missionary speak for finish his mission)

Elder Derry is still with me.  We have transfers Feb. 6 so he will probably leave then and I'll train a new missionary coming in.

Time is really flying by!!

Until next week...have a good one!

** For those who do not get Devon's reference to the great and spacious building, he is referring to the Book of Mormon... 1 Nephi  8.  Read it and you will know.

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