Monday, February 20, 2012

I Killed A Pig...

So, Fante Kenke is like corn dough that is wrapped in plantain leaves.  You dip it in this salsa style sauce and eat it with fried fish.  Mom, you would hate it, haha!

Speaking of food, I killed a pig!  It was the best pork meat I have ever tasted!  I cut it's throat and we butchered it, etc.  An African companion has its perks, ha.  It was an experience for sure.

This transfer has been sweet.  I really am wanting to stay in Nkanfoa for a few months longer.  I'm worried about leaving, that would somehow suck.  I'm having a lot of fun right now.  The work is sweet, everything is going well and that is why I'm worried about the news for the next transfer in 4 weeks.  Once an area becomes its best and you want to stay, you usually end up leaving.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the baptism for one of our candidates, but we're having another one in March so we'll connect her to that.  It was still nice though, except our John the Baptist nearly killed them when he dunked them in the water, ha.  He did it way to hard and the woman just came up confused, etc.  It was too much, ha.

The highlight of my week has been the pig that I killed, ha.  It was kind of funny when we were getting it because when we were asking around people assumed we were trying to buy drugs, ha.  So they directed us to this ghetto area and we kept asking and they would send us somewhere else.  When we finally got to the place, these somehow shady guys came out smoking some illegal substances and we were like, "we're missionaries man and we just want to buy one of your pigs."  They gave us a good deal though.  This was all in the native language so I had no idea at the time.  My companion told me about it afterwards and I just laughed and laughed, ha.  They thought he was like the local guy taking the white man to buy the stuff.

Right now we are working with E's father who is just a powerful man.  I don't know what it is about Africa but the people are blessed with spiritual gifts.  This man truly is blessed with the gift of healing and prophecy (2 Corinthians 12).  We introduced the Book of Mormon and he's loving it.  He reads every chapter we give him and he knows it's the word of God.  The only problem right now is getting him to church.  He's a presiding Elder in the Methodist Church so he has a lot of responsibilities.  We just have to take time and encourage him.  I have faith he'll enter the waters though.  I sure hope so, he could do great things with the priesthood.

Two Elders in the apartment are very sick right now.  Last night I gave one a blessing of healing and he's doing better today.  Right when I finished sealing the anointing, he got up and puked in the sink and was feeling ten times better.  Whatever works right?  The Lord will heal you in his own way and in his own time.

the pig I killed

the best pork meat ever

the baptism
Well, hope you have a good week.  I'll write again next week, in the meantime, take care!!

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