Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love My Cheese!

me, E, and Elder Derry

Elder Derry and me
My week was pretty sweet, since we had E's baptism on Saturday.  He is really awesome and if I don't baptize another person for the rest of my time in Nkanfoa I wouldn't be too upset.  He bore a very powerful testimony on Sunday that inspired me to keep on keeping on.  Sometimes Nkanfoa brings serious discouragement because of people that aren't serious or just don't speak English, but I know the Lord still wants me here for a reason.  So for now Elder Derry and I are still companions for at least one more transfer.  In 6 weeks a very large MTC group is arriving, so things will probably change then.

Still no package, but I did get the Climer's letters which was cool.  I have decided though, that I would like some milk powders (Nesquick, Ovaltine, etc).  I use plain milk powder here which is surprisingly pretty good, but I love chocolate milk lately and the chocolate things can get pricey.  It's funny how my tastes have changed in such a short time.  I try to use dairy products (if you can call them that) that I can find here because I hear you can build up a lactose intolerance if you go without them for a long time (like 2 years, ha) and I don't want that to happen.  I LOVE MY CHEESE!!!

Everyone here is so passionate about soccer that you can't help put develop a love for it yourself.  So when I get home I look forward to watching some games with Daddy Al, since he enjoys it also.  My companion really loves it so we are always kicking a ball around or just playing little games with all the other missionaries.

Please send my regards to all those who asked of me and let them know they are in my thoughts and prayers as well.  I look forward to more letters and hopefully the package, I want my cd's!!!! ha

Oh, we did a sweet service project on Saturday.  I got to carry heavy cement mix up a really steep hill, ON MY HEAD! ha  And shoveling gravel was sweet as well.

Well it was a chill week, nothing too much happened other than the baptism, and a few Elders are going home on Wednesday.  They served their 2 years and will return with honor!

So, until next week, take care.

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