Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A "juju trap"... it's no joke!

I'm pretty awesome, I won't lie.  This week was sweet!  (meaning I'm doing very well)

I just got back from playing some soccer with a bunch of the Elders at a  pretty sweet park.  I'm a pretty good defender, but these African guys wore me out, ha.  My team played well though, we won quite a few matches which is always sweet!

We had our p-day today because we had a mission tour on Monday.  Elder Dickson of the Seventy and the President of the Africa West Area visited us.  It was nice, I felt the Spirit really strongly throughout the meeting.  The church is truly led by inspired men of God, I know that for sure.  About 5 zones met together, Cape Coast/Swedru/Assin Fosu/Sekondi/Takoradi, so there were plenty of missionaries, I can't even count.  Only 6 were called on to give talks, and guess who was one of the lucky 6?  THIS GUY!

I'm liking the benefits and growth of mission.  I don't get nervous with public speaking at all anymore.  I'll be a bit nervous before I get to the podium, but once I'm there it's no issue.  I was told my talk was "powerful," they use that word a lot here.  I know President Shulz was led by the Spirit when he chose us, so what I shared was what needed to be heard.  He literally got to the podium and chose us 6 right on the spot, ha.  My homecoming talk I'm coming with fire, mark it.  haha

Last week was the first blessing I've sealed instead of anointing.  It was powerful, I really felt it.  But get this.  The next day we were chatting up a young lady who is a member in our Branch, asking where her mother was.  The mother is a food vendor and sells fried yam, but the daughter was in charge that day instead of her, so we were curious.  The girl told us that her mother was sick, so we decided to go to her home and visit her.  When we arrived we spoke briefly and noticed that her leg is VERY SWOLLEN, it looked like a cobra had bitten her.  Remember last week I talked about Africans being very in touch with spiritual gifts?  Well some are also good with works of the devil.  Someone, jealous of the mother's successful business, left a "juju trap" for her that she stepped on.  It caused her leg to swell and turn nasty.  I didn't really believe in this African juju stuff at first, but I now know it's no joke.  Stories I've heard really are legit, and I"ve seen in the bush little sacrificial altars and such.  Crazy right!? ha  I did end up giving her a blessing of healing and she's doing better little by little every day.  We check on her often, and she even fed us Fufu last night (Fufu is my least favorite food in Ghana).  But this Fufu was pretty good, I just don't enjoy eating it.

So my week was sweet! ha

Ahhhh, Crestview 1st ward is the best!  It's sweet how much it is growing now.  I knew the couple would be sweet.  I love the Asay's, they work in the mission office so I've gotten to know them pretty well.  They too are from Idaho, just thought I'd share that, ha.  No letters this week, other than one I received from my MTC companion.  I love Elder Boakye so much and we met up on the mission tour so catching up was nice.  Nothing from home though :(

SWEET! I MISS THE PARKERS!  Ask them all "what's up" from me.  Maybe even "ete sen," they should respond, "Nyame Adom" or "Boko" in case they don't know, ha!  "Ete Sen" means "how are you?"  "Nyame Adom" means "by God's grace I'm fine."  "Boko" is a slang word for cool.  Just wanted to teach you small Twi.
I really am having a sweet experience, be jealous! ha  jk jk.  Seriously though it's sweet.

El's father is being stubborn right now so we are just giving it time.  I will keep you posted on how that is going.

Well, talk to ya next week!

No matter where I go, I leave my heart and soul in the boondocks...

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