Monday, February 13, 2012

Slave Labor For Sweet Fante Kenke

I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!  They said it was the biggest package that has come to the mission, haha.  I really like the towels.  I didn't bring any, so when I first got here I was drying off with a hand towel I brought.  I was really contemplating buying some but I kept getting the impression to just wait, then BAM I get 2 huge towels in the package.  The cds are really good as well. Thanks!!

Shout out to the Climer's!  They're awesome, I got another letter from them.  They're doing very well, ha.

Saturday we did some slave labor, ha.  A family in our branch is building onto their house, and they live on the top of this steep hill.  So they get bags of cement mix and sand, and they have a huge pile of gravel, and us lucky missionaries get to shovel the gravel into bags and then carry the heavy bags up and down this hill.  We finished it all, but there is more now so we will probably go back again, ha.  It's awesome though, I wish you could see me throwing these bags over my shoulders and carrying them up the hill like it's a Rocky movie or something, ha.  Maybe I can get some pics next week.  It really is fun to serve the members and they feed us some sweet Fante Kenke.

Our apartment has changed.  Elder Bond has gone home and Elder Omini has been transferred to Sekondi.  We now have Elder Eldredge and Brother Akyer (he's doing a mini mission while waiting on his call).  They are both chill.

We have 3 baptisms coming up on the 18th, that will be cool.  One is a mother of a family that is all members.  You can imagine their excitement now that she is finally coming into the Gospel.  The other is the son of a member, he's younger but it's good for the family.  Last is the mother of a young lady we had been teaching.  The daughter isn't serious but maybe the mother's example will do the trick.  Overall it's exciting!

Well, other than that not too much has happened.  It's restoration day so I gotta leave early to go get money and shop.

Hopefully next week I can send some pictures of the pig we're killing today...

I'll write again next week.  Take care!

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