Monday, March 12, 2012

Lectured By A Nation Of Islam Guy...

I'm cool, I just got back from playing some soccer so I am somehow tired, ha.  The week was very slow as far as teaching goes but was great as far as laughs and enjoyment goes.  My apartment group is sweet, a lot of cool guys.

Right now the mission is somehow at ends.  There will be a lot of changes next week and I hear that president Shulz is really stressing about it all.  So, right now there are a lot of prayers about where Elders should go, etc.  I'm positive Elder Derry will be leaving, which will be weird.  I could leave, we will all find out on Saturday.  We have 9 Elders coming in this transfer so we'll find out who is training this week as well.  Should be a very interesting week to say the least, ha.

We had E's baptism yesterday.  He is so clever and it was really fun teaching him.

My companion and I were lectured by a Nation of Islam guy, ha!  He just walked up to us and asked if we believed in Jesus Christ, then rambled about how Christianity is a lie and that he knows the Bible, etc.  I couldn't help but feel sorry for him because he's not ready to hear what we have to say, he is just in darkness.
He's an American living here in Ghana with his wife, but was trying to tell us that he is from Israel.  He said he knows the Bible because he is a Hebrew from Israel.  That everyone in the Old Testament was black and anyone that was cursed was cursed with whiteness.  Very crazy.  That was probably the most interesting thing that happened, ha.

Well, it's that time again.  Take care and continue to enjoy every day.

Much love from Ghana!
Until next week...bye bye!

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