Monday, March 5, 2012

Missionary Work Looks Easy....

So I guess Andrew and Jacob are getting ready to leave for their missions soon...they will love it!  Of course, missionary work looks easy when you're not the one doing it, ha!  Sometimes I think back about how I really wanted a hard mission and I just laugh because the Lord sure answered me, ha.  But it's sweet and gets sweeter and sweeter.

Hmm, this past week nothing crazy happened, but the work has been wonderful.  I was somehow getting frustrated with Nkanfoa, but as always the Lord knows best, and he continues to place amazing people in my path.  I had one of the best conversations with a young woman named S last night and I'm so excited to see how she progresses in the Gospel.

We have a baptism this Sunday.  An 18 year old young man named E who is very clever.  He is friends with the other E that I have talked about.

Speaking of the other E, since his baptism he is now a counselor in the young Men's Branch Presidency.  I'm so proud of him.  And the new E is destined for great things in the church as well.  So the work is really turning around.

I forgot to tell you that the mission is splitting in July.  The northern areas like Kumasi, etc. will be a different mission.  The Ghana Kumasi Misison, so there will be 3 missions in Ghana!  The Gospel is really spreading here.  We don't really know what will happen when that time comes but it will be a fiasco for sure, as far as what Elders will leave the mission for the Kumasi mission, etc.  So you can imagine us Elders are really speculating about all of that.

Well, I wish I had more to say, ha.  Have a great week there!

Until next week!

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