Monday, April 30, 2012

Air Conditioning Kills Me...

I was thinking that I have forgotten what winter even feels like, here it is the dead of summer all year round, ha. Anytime I am in air conditioning it kills me, ha ha!  Coming home in the winter months will be a shock to say the least.  (random thoughts)

For me I had a pretty cool week.  Saturday we went to Kissi for a service project.  We went out in deep bush!  Kissi is definitely a village, but it's sweet and I had a good time.  We helped a lady on her farm by planting corn, and weeding/cutting down bushes and small trees.  It was sweet, and I am very good with a cutlass, ha ha.  Although, while I was cutting sown some brush, there was a group of thorny vines that got a hold of my hand and cut it.  One of the African sisters ran over to me and healed me with some local leaves and such, so it's not a problem now, ha.  It did bleed pretty well, but I didn't even feel it.  I was made aware by the same sister that healed me, ha.  I'll have some pictures of the project, etc.

Today us missionaries, of course went out to Bakaano and played football on the pitch there.  I'm tired!  The professionals make it look so easy, but it's intense out there, ha.  Afterwards, I went up to a lighthouse near the slave castle.  Once you are at the top you can see the whole of Cape Coast. which is pretty tight.  I enjoyed the view for sure and it's interesting to see all of the cannons and what not, that you wouldn't expect to see on a lighthouse.  The castle was very well defended back in it's use.  I'm going to go to the Elmina Castle next week and I'll get some pictures of that as well.

Well, that pretty much sums up my week, I think I got all the highlights mentioned, ha.  Until next week!

Talk to you soon, in fact, you will hear my voice in the very near future, ha!!

Here are some pictures through the week...
walking to the farm
me wielding a cutlass during a service project

my savior from the thorny vines (ha ha)

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