Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad Experience With Mangoes...

Well, I don't have any crazy stories like last week, but I will try and fill you in, ha.

Sunday was sweet.  One of our really cool investigators, G came to church for the 2nd time.  As well, S, who we had been teaching is back in Nkanfoa for some time and will hopefully be baptized on the 28th.

Lately I have been so touched by my convert E. B.  In just 2-3 short months he's progressed soooo much!  I had followed my companion up the stairs of the chapel, and while waiting I had the opportunity to observe E teaching one of the classes.  As I stood there, I felt the spirit so strongly and nearly shed tears.  It just touched my heart so much to know that the Lord led me to such a prepared soul, and continues to bless the work.  And seeing how committed E is, and the work he does as a counselor in the Young Men's Presidency.  It just made me feel so good.  I love all of my converts and I'm sad that I've only got around 8 or so weeks left in Nkanfoa.  At the most 2 transfers, but I'm confident after training I'm gone.

I had a pretty bad experience with mangoes, ha.  Which is tragic, as I love mangoes!  It turns out if you eat too many of these small local ones, it can create stomach issues.  So, I've been coping with that this week.  Lesson learned, ha.  Probably too much detail but it was part of my week and I know that the enjoyment of the story is in the details, ha ha.

Chill week, but a good week none the less.  I heard through the grapevine that a package will be coming soon...NUTELLA, NUTELLA, NUTELLA!!!  Really, I love it all and appreciate it all.

I am not sure how close Mother's Day is, but you can look forward to it mom,  as I will be calling home!!!!

Well, it's that time.  Keep the faith and remember that the Holy Ghost is a great thing, always strive to be worthy of it's guidance.

**Mom, say hello to everyone in the best ward (Crestview 1st, I'm telling you), especially Sisters Gray, Moore, and Stapleton and the Climers, Parkers, Boyds, and Bastians. 

Hope you like the pictures...

pounding fufu
 last District Meeting before our apartment changed

just stalking some prey in the bush

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