Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Funerals and a Baptism...

General Conference...I believe we will get to watch it next month, I'm pretty sure it comes in a DVD.  The mission supplies us every month with the Liahona, and of course any conference editions.  I love to study them.  I've been reading all of the conferences going back to 2008!  I love Elder Anderson and Elder Scott as of late.

This week was good.  It was just a little stressful helping my companion get adjusted to life in Ghana and mission life, but all is well now and I am enjoying it.  Received a tender mercy this week!  A young woman named S was ready for baptism but ended up having to travel for school (a teacher's training college, and her freedom is limited, weird thing with some Ghana schools) but now there is a new rule put in place and it's enabling her to come back to Nkanfoa.  I'm way excited for her, as she has a sincere desire to be baptized.  We're working with 2 other really awesome ladies, Sister G and Sister H.  They're too sweet, they've been feeding us every night this past week.  They're progressing nicely too.  I'm excited for this month, I really am.

There were 4 funerals this week.  That probably sounds really sad right?  Not in Ghana!  We had a hard time even teaching because whenever there is a death, the town becomes party town!  They treat death very differently here, instead of dwelling on the sorrows, they throw big parties and it's a celebration.  You walk around and everyone is dancing and enjoying, the music is blasting.  It's a lot like the weddings.  Really they treat them exactly the same.  It's a little bit better though because everyone comes together like one huge family.  Just when you look at both cultures, American and Ghanaian, it's night and day how we treat such events.  I thought that was interesting.

I got a letter this week...HEY TRISTI! LOVE YA!  I like our ward a lot.  Shout out to Sister Parker and Sister Bastian (you know why)

Well that's my week in a nut shell.  Just busy, busy, busy.  Can you believe it, 6 months already!  Jacob and Andrew leave this month right?  Jay is getting ready to hit his year mark.  Time is fast spent, seriously, ha-ha.

We shall surely speak next week!

Here is a picture of the mission during the mission tour:

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