Monday, April 9, 2012

A Heist Attempt At The Mission Office...

This Easter has been marvelous!  Things are going well and we had a pretty good turn out at church.  We've been having a tough time getting investigators to church the past 3 weeks, but it's slowly picking up.  We're beginning to see the fruit of our labors.

My week has been interesting, ha.  Just today we went to Yamoransa for a missionary football match and on the way we ended up getting pulled over.  The officer didn't like the AP's temporary paper license and gave us a tough time, but after 20 minutes or so they finally let us go.  I'm sure he wanted to get some kind of a bribe, but who knows.  I hear those things are common in Africa as a whole.

On the way to Cape Coast, my son and I were riding in the tro-tro and while we were stopped we witnessed a man almost get beat up in the street.  This huge, muscular man was waving down a taxi and I'm thinking it ran over his foot or something, because he just started beating at the windows to get the driver to stop.  Then he ran to the drivers side and started choking and slapping the guy, then yanked him out of the taxi.  Ghana is a very peaceful country and these things don't happen often (the first fight I've seen).  So all of the people on the street just ran over to break the fight up before it got too out of hand.  The guy was huge so he was just shoving everyone aside, determined to beat up this taxi driver, choking him, slapping him, etc.  You can imagine the commotion that was resulting from such a fiasco.  In Ghana here, they really don't like violence at all, so it was ridiculous how angry this guy was.  All we could do was watch from the back of the tro-tro as everyone tried to end everything.

Just yesterday, there was an attempt at a heist at the mission office.  While coming back from church, Elder Eldredge noticed one of the security guards was looking through the glove compartment of the mission van.  He found that strange and called the Assistants to find out if he was supposed to have keys to the van (they aren't suppose to have any keys), they said no and rushed back from their area to investigate.  A while later  they call us and tell us to come down to the mission office quick.  When they got inside they checked everything in the office and someone had tampered with the safe, so they knew something was up.  So we left and they called the Office Couples to tell them about it.  A while after that they call us again, since we were the only witnesses that the guard had been in the van.  When we come in the gate, we notice the assistants are trying to calm down the guard and the Senior Missionary of the couple was trying to coax a big wooden club from the guards hand.  We really thought it would get out of hand quickly, because the guy was on the verge of tears from anger that he had been caught and was probably going to lose his job.  We finally get the club away and ask him to explain himself.  He runs by an incredibly ludicrous story and we then take his personal keys to his motorcycle to check them.  At this point the guard is anxious and fidgety because he knows he's caught.  He tries his best to tell us none of the keys work for the doors to the office but Elder Asay (Office couple) begins to try all of the keys he has in all of the locks and what do you know?  He has keys to 2 of the doors!  Long story short...a lot of security guards are about to be sacked from their great paying jobs.  Crazy huh?  I'm wondering why someone would want to ruin such a good thing.

Well, we're still getting fed often.  I'll have to start taking pictures of the meals we have, they're delicious!  Ghanaian food grows on you for sure.

The work is also beginning to progress again, so all is well.  Well, that was my week, ha.

I'll write again next week!  Pictures to come later today so check back.

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