Monday, April 23, 2012

Real Brownies and Real Ice Cream!

Ahhhh, the weeks are going faster and faster every time, ha ha.

This week has been very rewarding!  One of my investigators, S, that recently came back, decided that she would like to be baptized this weekend!  It's so amazing to me, and a testimony builder that the Lord really works in his own time.  No matter how much us missionaries want to see people put their faith in the Lord and be baptized, we can never drag or force anyone.  Sometimes peoples agency can really break your heart, especially when they receive that witness and don't act on it or choose to deny it.  But I don't know, I'm just thrilled because she's been through a lot and the repentance process has been a journey.  You just gain such charity for people, let me tell you.

We had FHE Monday at the Mission Home and that was pretty tight.  We even had brownies and vanilla ice cream.  REAL BROWNIES AND REAL ICE CREAM!!!  Can you believe it!! ha  It turned out well, and it really helped all of the the investigators that were present.

We had a really fun Zone activity today, and the Sisters even made us a really sweet meal.  I was actually impressed by how good it was, ha.  It was a little treasure hunt style activity and I ended up popping popcorn in a tin can on a makeshift cardboard and dried grass fire.  If I ever break a microwave, I need not fear for what to do with my popcorn, ha ha.

I have been really enjoying this week and people have been hooking me and my companion up for sure.  I have gotten some free Malt and different minerals(that's just what they refer to soft drinks and such as), as well as meals from investigators and the like, ha.  I pretty much have to do my exercise in the morning to maintain my physique, or else I would be huge by now, ha ha.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the easiest way to write letters is by using  It is so simple and its easier for the area office to get letters to us if the letters are from there.  I believe the website is free, and I would get a lot more letters a lot sooner.  So, spread the word!

Well, I am out of time but fear not because Monday will be here in no time, ha ha.

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