Monday, May 28, 2012

Bucket Showers...

Several people have been asking me about my eye for the past few days, thanks for the concern, but all is well now, my eye is actually great.
As well, my week has been great.  I learned a lot and I have a new perspective on things.

One, we really take water for granted.  Our water supply has been cut for the past week or so and we've been without water to do all of those everyday necessities, such as, I don't know, bathing. ha ha.   Which led me to have a new insight on how much water we actually use and waste.  It's crazy really.  I couldn't care less about not having water but I really noticed my thoughts being towards the people of Nkanfoa.  Most already don't have the privilege of running water in their homes and fetch water from local taps and some of the few wells that are around, which let me tell you, isn't easy.  They have to walk pretty far distances back and forth and it's no walk in the park, and I know as I've helped a few times.
But more importantly,  I learned just how much our Heavenly Father is aware of all of his children and their situations.  So, practically everyday it has rained and it has rained HEAVILY.  So at first I thought, "darn, our plans to teach are ruined," but then reality hit me.  This rain that I considered a burden and annoyance was one of the greatest blessings we could have been given at this time.  The people were able to collect the rain water for everyday use, which provided so much relief.  We actually have been using rain water to bathe, etc., which is pretty cool I think.  We've been taking showers out of buckets, which is a tender mercy in itself.  Because of that I was able to have my first hot "shower" in months, ha.  So, all in all, I'm really enjoying this experience (not that it's easy or overly pleasant)

I've also had the pleasure to teach a hermaphrodite, ha.  His name is A and he's from Cote D'Ivoire.  We've been teaching him for a while and he's a cool guy.  I knew that he was clearly a homosexual from the first time we came in contact with him, and at first I didn't want to teach him, which I'm a little ashamed to admit, because Christ didn't come to "call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."  Luke 5:32   I don't think he's actually a hermaphrodite, but while we were teaching him he had a chastity concern, which led to a pretty powerful discussion on that subject.  He just came out with a really strange "I have a friend" style question, ha ha.  I hope you know what I mean by that.  And the question was indirectly stating that he may be a hermaphrodite, ha.  Interesting right?

Well, today we watched a movie called "17 Miracles."  It was approved by President so it was not disobedient in anyway to watch it, ha!  We met with the Sisters and a few other Elders and watched it for a District Activity.  The pioneers sure had their trials, makes me grateful for mine, ha.  Our little problems and sufferings seem so minuscule in comparison to the things the pioneers endured.  I'm sure everyone has seen it, but if not, you now have an assignment to watch it!

Well. that's really the highlights of my week.  I can't think of too much more.  We do have a Zone Conference on Wednesday which will be cool.  We are getting closer and closer to the mission split.  Did you know that my mission has the highest amount of missionaries?  A split is probably a good thing, huh?  Poor President Shulz, he's put up with lots of stress, ha!!

Take care until next from the Gold Coast

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