Monday, May 7, 2012

I Was John the Baptist...

Sorry to hear that family has been sick back home.  They should consider asking for a priesthood blessing.  I really have a testimony of the power of a blessing.  I've seen the power first hand several times on mission.

It is exciting to hear that so many people are reading the blog!  And as an FHE activity? That is actually a really good idea!  I'm glad that so many people are enjoying it, especially the children.  Elder Eldredge's (an Elder in my apartment) mother actually reads it as well, haha.  So I guess it is somehow popular, which is cool.

Lately, something that has really been bugging me is bullying.( so I was a bit taken back when I read about it happening in church) That is one thing I have really come to hate is when people look down on others, put people down, or pick on others for being different.  I have learned that it is always better to stand up for what is right!  It really disappoints me to hear that about the youth at church and if I was home, I would really give it to them in a sense.  They really need to be talked to about that if they haven't been.   The best policy is to ask yourself, "hey, would I do/say this if Jesus was standing beside me?"  If the answers is no, then don't do it or don't say it because guess what??  He is!  Besides, why would you want to be the kid who hurts others?  I can promise that no one really likes that kid.

Well, this week has been pretty sweet.  I was John the Baptist for our baptism on Saturday when S was baptized.  I also confirmed her on Sunday, which was cool.  S is definitely awesome, so I was happy to be able to do it.  Also, we finally watched conference on Sunday!!  But, guess what??  IT WAS ALL IN FANTE!! NOOOOO!!!!! haha  So I didn't get anything at all out of it, but we might be able to snag it in English and watch it for FHE one of these days.

I was so happy about the baptism on Saturday that I can't really think of anything else exciting that happened the rest of the week, haha.

Well, I only have 5 weeks left of training, which I am actually looking forward to.  I enjoy the extra responsibility and growth it has given me, but to be honest I'm looking forward to getting a new companion...I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred June 13th.  I'm hoping that's what will happen anyway.

Oh yeah, the other day we killed a snake with a rock!!  The first one we've killed in months.  The last one, was the one Elder Derry killed with the machete!

Other than that it really has just been an ordinary week in Ghana, ha.  We've got a few things to look forward to though.  Stake Conference is next week, I believe.  Then we have Zone Conference at the end of the month, and another mission tour in June right before the mission splits.

Of course I'm looking forward to Mother's Day as well, and speaking to MOM again!!

Until next week...take care.

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