Monday, June 18, 2012

Playing Catch Up From Last Week...Plus This Week!

 I'm speechless I'm so happy!  Words can't describe the gratitude I feel for the Gospel and for all that Heavenly Father does for us.  I've been praying a lot for you mom, about the Temple, and I'm so glad to hear it was such a moving experience for you.  And I would of course love to do grandpa's work!  I really want to go to the Atlanta Temple again when I come home.  (subtle hint)

Well as for me, I'll spend at least another 9 weeks in Nkanfoa, so no transfer for me.  I was upset at first, but now I'm actually glad I stayed.  The branch is doing great, baptism's are happening, and all is well.  I know President is truly inspired, and there is more I need to do and there is more I need to learn.

Something tragic happened.  One of the members gave a referral to us (which is always powerful, I sustain Elder Mozina on that one) but before we were able to contact him, he died!  He was electrocuted to death...he was leaning on a metal container and a power cable snapped and landed in the container.  No one was able to help him in time.  Isn't that crazy?!
Later we were walking by the site that it happened and they had it all closed off.

Just two days ago, we were coming to an appointment at the Nkanfoa Station and we heard a lot of commotion from random bystanders, so we got closer and we see a man and woman arguing in Fante.  The argument got out of hand quick and the man slapped the woman (which is surprisingly OK in Ghana).  So the man runs off and the woman is really upset and it takes a few men to hold her until she was calm enough to let go of.  I mean she was screaming and kicking and causing a great deal of disturbance to the peace.  They let her go and we think everything is cool, so we continue to walk towards our investigator.  We sit down, and the woman comes back...with a cutlass!  She was going to kill the man I assume, ha.  I've never seen such a malicious look in someones eyes before, and she was booking it for the man.  Fortunately for him, some other men grabbed her and removed the cutlass from her hand.  It was wild!

The past two weeks haven't been just dramatic though, most days were fairly chill.  We had our baptism which was nice.  E. B., which you've heard me speak of before, was the Baptist.  It was cool because one of the other candidates was his brother!  When he baptized his brother that was one of the most powerful moments of my mission.  As soon as he lifted him from the water, they just embraced one another.  It was touching, truly.

The cafe sucks today so I can't write much.  As always, you are all in my prayers.

Love from Ghana!  Send letters...
Elder Brown

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