Monday, June 4, 2012

Power Outage

Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday, but the power went out all afternoon so we couldn't get to the computer at all.  Can you believe I am starting my 8th month on mission already?  It feels really good, what can I say? ha ha  I'm looking forward to that fast approaching year mark, that will be exciting! ha

I'll be getting transfer news on Saturday.  I'm scared to death to be honest, ha.  I'm worried I'll either stay in Nkanfoa or go to Kumasi and become part of that mission when it opens.  I'm hoping I'll go to Sekondi or Takoradi and stay in the Cape Coast Mission, that would be very sweet for me.  President Shulz said that he's pretty sure about transfers and some people will go North and some will come South, so stay tuned, ha.

Well, let's get cracking on my week!  My week was awesome!
Wednesday, of course we had Zone Conference and I briefly mentioned that already.  We had interviews with President Shulz and that was sweet.  It literally took all day for us to finish everything, which included instruction from the Zone leaders, Assistants,  President and Sister Shulz, and interviews for Cape Coast and Abura Zone missionaries.  We had a really nice lunch which was fried rice and chicken.  It was a really good day, but like I said, it took forever!  We didn't get home until 8 p.m. so we missed all of our appointments.

Sunday was one of the best Sunday's I've had in the Branch.  We had 4 investigators at church, which was cool.  I'm just thinking of course the work picks up right before I leave, that's the way it always works right? ha

Monday we had a really sweet p-day activity.  We went to Kakum National Park, maybe you can look that up later and see what that is all about.  The best part was definitely the canopy walk.  It's fun walking across because it's so narrow and sways a little bit.  I won't lie, some of the parts of the bridge looked a little sketchy, but no one fell to their death, so that's good. HA  There's apparently Forest Elephants that are there in Kakum, but we didn't get to see any, which is a bummer.  Forest Elephants, I guess, are really shy and territorial compared to the Savanna types.  So if you want to see wild life in Africa, Ghana wouldn't be your first choice, but it's still awesome.
Afterward, we went to a place called Hans Cottage.  It's like a little hotel place, but their main attraction is the crocodiles that they keep there.  They just swim freely in their environment and we got to walk out and be around some.  Only one was  a little aggressive, the rest were surprisingly docile.  One of the Elders got a little cocky and tried to hover over one for a picture and the crocodile turned it's head and snapped at him!  It didn't bite him, but it sure could have if it wanted to.  That's a bunch of 19 year olds  for you, ha.

So, in short, I had a lot of fun!  Not much else to share.  The work is good and hopefully we'll have a baptism this weekend.

Enjoy your week!  Love from Ghana!

canopy walk at Kakum National Park
crocodile at Hans Cottage

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