Monday, July 30, 2012

We Represent Christ Everyday...

The instruction for District Meeting went great, I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I love the talk "What Thinks Christ Of Me?", and it applies to missionary work so well.  Does my mission/life reflect the love and devotion I feel for the Savior?  We represent Christ everyday so it's important we act the part, and more importantly we need to actually become more Christ like.  I'm a firm believer that if you go home less Christ like than when you came, no matter how many you baptized, your mission was a failure.  Humility and Charity are two Christ like attributes I feel are vital for the work, and vital for your life.  "For none are acceptable before God, save it be the meek and lowly in heart"- Elder Neal A. Maxwell.
What you said is true, I came to Ghana to be compelled into humility.  I really dislike being around prideful people these days, and I hate to think that I was that way back home.

This week was intense!  First of all, the President of Ghana, Atta Mills died unexpectedly Tuesday, so you can imagine how the citizens are/were feeling throughout the week.  Now the Vice President is officially in power and he came to Nkanfoa (technically it's just outside of Nkanfoa, but we saw it) Saturday to sympathize with Atta Mills sister.  The streets were busy that day, and military and security were in full force.  The whole thing was just wild.  I was surprised, he had only 5 months left for his first term.  Elections are at the end of this year.

Monday, I went to a really powerful FHE with a really powerful family.  The husband is a pioneer member since 1978!  I love this family too much, ha.

There was an armed robbery at a provisions store at the Nkanfoa station.  I wasn't present, but the store has been putting up metal bars all over for security purposes.  I was surprised to see it and hear the reasons behind it.

The city water line was cut the whole week, so we were fetching water from the Mission Home.  You can imagine how our toilets were, not being able to flush them, ha.  That was really my only complaint, ha.  Very gross, ha.  Again, we take water for granted too much!  It's not easy just to get water to drink here in West Africa, let alone get water for bathing, flushing toilets, etc.

During church the power lines adjacent to us exploded!  It was interesting, just rapid bursts of electricity popping all over the place, it was like fireworks.  A bird or something landed on it, and when it took off it pulled the lines or something.  We still have power though.  It was a first for me to see that happen, ha.

Today for P-day, we had a zone activity.  We met at the Stake Center and watched "The Errand of Angels."  It was a lot different watching it the 2nd time as a missionary.  It just strenghthened my belief that if you don't become humble and charitable on your mission, what was the point.  We're here to bring others to Christ, and that fully includes bringing ourselves closer to him as well.  So it was nice to see the main character realize and understand that.  Then we all had popcorn, fan-ice(Ghana ice cream), and Chapati and stew (Kenyan dish, somehow like tortillas).  It was fun, I had a good week.

Well, I'm out of time.  Study hard and serve those around you.  I'll write again next week!

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