Monday, July 23, 2012

Wish Me Luck...

Ghana is sweet as always, ha.  The rain has taken a halt here for a season, which I'm surprisingly happy about.  The cool weather is staying though, which I'm more happy about.  I'm too acclimated to the heat now so when the temp drops I'm like a little girl.  I just know I will freeze to death once I'm home, ha.  Rain is certainly a blessing, especially here, where the less privileged collect and drink the rain water.

Transfer news may come for me in 3 weeks, but I'm trying not to dwell on it too much.  I don't think I'll leave, but there are no certainties in this work, ha.

Everything is good, everything is the same, ha.  I don't really have anything to share unfortunately.  Members are helping as much as they can, but we're teaching only English speakers right now so it's not pertinent they be with us every lesson.  Always pray for the missionaries and the investigators, miracles truly happen when faith is properly exercised.  No investigators at church this week, but we're working hard and hopefully we'll see the fruits of our labors soon.  Speaking of, we've been helping people do work on their farms this week as a sort of service project, that's been nice.

I feel a strange peace about this transfer.  Normally I'm on edge, anxious to know if I'm staying or leaving, but this time only peace.  I don't know if that means I'll leave or if I'm just content.  I need a transfer just so I'll have something new to talk about, ha.

I'm instructing District Meeting tomorrow, so wish me luck.  My instruction is on Elder Anderson's conference talk, "What Thinks Christ Of Me?"

Sorry I don't have any crazy stories, but you never know what will happen this week, ha.

Bye bye until next week!

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