Monday, August 6, 2012

Get Moving!

I can't believe I'm turning 20 this month! BTW, if you have packages just send them because I'll get them quickly no matter where I am in the mission.  (mom, wink wink)

I love Elder Neal A. Maxwell lately, he was such a powerful man.  His talks have really been hitting home with me.  He said something along these lines "Sometimes we get so caught up in discussing the Doctrines of the Kingdom, that it becomes a substitute for actually living them."  He went on to talk more about Discipleship and being more like Christ and progressing in the Gospel.  Why stay in the same place?  Get moving! Learn, grow, use the Restored Gospel to it's full potential!  Some people just want to wait on the road to Damascus forever you know? ha.

This week was much more relaxed than last week.  This Saturday I think a small portion of Elders will be moved, but I'm doubtful if I'll be among them.  If I stay that will put me at 11 months in Nkanfoa!!!

I'm definitely going to have to buy new frames when I get home.  Sunday morning I went to put on my favorite pair (horn rimmed ones) and a piece fell off the hinges, so I have to fix it somehow, ha.  I'll need a fresh pair of horn rimmed glasses.  I'm using my back up pair right now, so all is well.

Also Sunday something interesting happened.  We had an investigator come to church!  Not just any investigator though, his name is I and he wasn't at all serious in the past.  However, every time we met we would chat small and I would tell him he's welcome to visit us any Sunday.  He would always promise that he would come, but of course he would never come.  To my surprise he came in and said "Today, I felt the need to fulfill my promise."  I was taken back, but the Spirit works wonders on the hearts of men.

I was on our porch the other morning, and I was privileged to watch a school of pretty yellow and black birds fly back and forth gathering leaves from a coconut tree for their nests.  They were so majestic and in tune with one another.  It was incredibly synchronized and I was in awe of their beauty and grace.  One after the other, they would fly away and return, in quick succession.  They were completely one in spirit and mind.  And that led me to reflect on The City of Enoch, Zion; and how everyone was one in spirit, in purpose, in mind.  How there was no poor among them and they all lived in harmony.  They were perfect and as a result were taken from the earth and lifted to Heaven.  Can you imagine if we were all like that today?  It's not easy at all!

Well my week was very chill, maybe next week I'll have some good news.  For now, I'm out of time, but Monday will come quickly.

Peace from Ghana!

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