Monday, August 27, 2012

Kojokrom = Strange!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  Being 20 doesn't feel any different than 19, really, ha.

Well, my week was pretty cool.  We don't have any running water in the apartment, ha.  Some road work apparently took out the pipe that runs to our apartment, so there's no telling when we will get it back.  I'm already use to it now, and besides "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Timothy 6).  Some of the other guys in the apartment haven't experienced a lack of water yet, but there's a first time for everything, right, ha.

I am in a ward now, Kojokrom ward precisely.  It's nice, but I miss the small, close knit feel of a branch.  The members are a little quiet, but as I'm here a while they will be more open.

We've had some good lessons this week and met some cool new people.  Just taking it slow with them, building trust, and preparing them to make those covenants with God.

Kojokrom is kind of a strange place in a sense.  It's kind of an "on the way to your real destination" type of place.  People are always busy just passing through, on the way to Sekondi and Takoradi.  It's less personal than Nkanfoa, since Nkanfoa was so small and more of a farming community.  We aren't able to do as much service, but I'm always looking for opportunities.  There are a lot of shops, and such, and the market is not bad.  I'm able to buy most things I need in Kojokrom, which is nice.  I don't have to wait until Mondays to buy everything.

The apartment isn't as new or nice as the one in Nkanfoa, but I like it more.  It's laid out well, and there's even a urinal in our bathroom!  I thought that was kind of cool, ha.

Yesterday we met a woman that's like S (hopefully you remember her from previous posts).  She has actually met with missionaries for a long time and she says she knows everything about the church is true.  But she has a "problem" that's holding her back.  I'm excited to work with her because I think she has the same issues and concerns that S did.

Still don't have any crazy experiences this week, but I think that's good sometimes, ha.

Well, that's really all for me this week.  No big birthday plans today, just taking it easy.

Take care and have a nice week!

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