Monday, September 17, 2012

I Got To See Old Faces...

Mom...I lost the 116 pages...I've lost the manuscript.  Fortunately wisdom in the Lord provided new plates to be made because He new this would take place.  Simply put, my memory card has been wiped!  I lost all of my pictures!  But Elder Eldredge made and sent a CD with all of my pictures on it.  I pray you haven't misplaced it?

Well, it was a good week, very easygoing.  We had the Missionary Conference, which was powerful.  I really gained some new insight on Repentance and how vital it is in conversion.  Of course seeing old faces was a plus as well.  I must say trainer/trainee relationships are so powerful.  There is a love and a bond that just isn't the same in any other companionship.  You will always be close to your Mission Father and your Mission Son.  I really enjoyed catching up with Derry and Obot.  I can say, although they are comparatively few compared to most other missionaries, I've loved all of my companions and I'm grateful for each one.

We had to postpone the baptism for another week or two.  We're preparing another candidate and we want to do it all combined to save stress.  In this chapel, sometimes they have to fill the font with buckets and it takes time.

We're having some promising investigators.  I strive to only baptize fruit that will remain, and I'm excited about these people.  The other day we finished teaching M, a Togolese man, and as we were leaving he stopped me and told me how he is getting feelings from God and I could see in his eyes that he was feeling the Spirit.  I felt good walking back to the apartment after that.

Well, nothing crazy this week, just successful missionary work.  However, at the Mission Conference, President Shulz, at the persuasion of Sister Shulz, has allowed any music from the Church.  So that means, Alex Boye, etc.!

Well, that's all folks.  Until next week...

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