Monday, October 8, 2012

Edified or Offended?

Wow!  I'm blown away by that news, 19 for Sisters!  That's pretty sweet, but that could effect the dating pool for some of us missionaries returning home in the next year or so.
Wow, so Tristi and Katie are both considering serving?  Good for them, it's a good experience.

I heard Conference came on.  Sounds powerful, it has me anxious to see what all of the messages contain, ha.  (I will definitely love to have the Ensign you send mom.) Just always strive to live according to the Celestial law.  If you live according to a Celestial law, you'll develop a Celestial spirit, allowing you to be quickened to a Celestial glory where you can gain an inheritance in the Celestial Kingdom.  If not, well... . (see D&C 88)

A package sounds good.  No worries, a package is a package you know? ha ha.   Another great benefit of mission is that you learn the principle of "Provident Living."

President is coming to our district meeting this week, so we will hold it on Thursday rather than Friday.  The word on the street is that they are increasing our subsistence to 160 or 180 Cedi's.  It's likely since Kumasi Mission had their subsistence increased recently.  They are really pushing on health, since a lot of Elders aren't eating as they should.  No sweat for me, I already buy meat and fruits, etc.  I'm not a big guy so I can afford to buy better foods since I don't eat as much, ha.  That's a plus for this tiny body, ha.  It's good to be able to cook, so let me just go ahead and say "thank you," mom.

The instruction I gave for District Meeting last week went very well, and I tend to hold myself to high standards when it comes to those things.  If I don't feel comfortable with something, even if someone compliments it, I won't feel fine for some time.  Notwithstanding, it was a success in my book.  Of course you can't please everyone, and when the truth is said some people can take offense.  When you look out at the faces of those present, it's clear who is edified and who is offended through reasons of guilt.  I had plenty of faces showing edification and, unfortunately, some of the latter as well.  But those that needed to hear what I presented showed their appreciation, which was enough for me.

We had 2 investigators come to Church and 1 is expressing a desire to baptize so that is sweet.  But even if I go, he will still be baptized, so I think you can guess which option I prefer.

Things are just moving slowly, but what are you going to do?  It hasn't changed since last week, ha.  But I'll endure whatever I have to, according to the will of the Lord.  Nevertheless, I pray to have this cup removed from me.  We find out everything in a week or so, so I'll keep you informed.

Well, glad to hear things are well at home.  I'll write again soon.  Keep me in your prayers.

Elder Brown

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