Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lost Sheep...

I have dreams pretty regularly, where I'm home or just coming back home and I feel disappointed or regretful rather.  I'll just be thinking or someone will ask me about my mission and I won't know what to say because it's like I only had a few short months worth of experiences.  And it's a depressing feeling really.  But then I wake up and realize that I'm still on mission, but it puts it into perspective just how short it really is.  I never thought I would say that when I first came because it seems so long, but if missions were only 12 months that would suck to be honest, ha ha.  So I know even when I come home, I'll be happy naturally, my heart will still want to have done more.

Yea, that always weighs on my spirit, mom.  I don't doubt that President is inspired of the Lord, and either I need my companion or my companion needs me for some reason.  I don't typically think about the other member of the companionship as I do my own self.  I know that I'm just a rough stone being shaped and polished by trials and experiences; but of course it can go both ways, if not now in the future.  That's the funny thing about this gospel, we can't always see the outcome of our actions or experiences, but when we look back, we ALWAYS see the benefits and the Lord's hand in everything.  In a sense, it's like each of us is the good shepherd and we're all looking for the "one lost sheep," only to realize during our journey that WE are the "one lost sheep."  That's how I feel, like I've found myself, you know?  And who knows, like you said, maybe I could be the one to help my companion "find himself."

Well, my week was cool.  Nothing unusual.  Just making the best of everything, as usual.  One thing about this area is that it's bland.  It's not as cultural as Cape Coast.  So each day is pretty typical.  But, this Saturday we are having a mission tour and Elder Satati is coming to instruct us.  He's a member of the Seventy and he's from Kenya.  He's powerful so I'm looking forward to it.

Sorry I don't have much to say, or share, but this area isn't as interesting as Nkanfoa, ha.  But you never know what the future holds!

You are in my to you soon.

Peace from Ghana!

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