Monday, November 19, 2012

How Much Oil Do You Have In Store?

My time is short so I will just give a brief synopsis, and perhaps I can go more in depth next week...

1.  B's baptism!  It was a success, but those words aren't easily said, ha.  We had planned for the baptism at 4 pm and when we arrived at the chapel with B, guess what?  the font was only filled maybe 5 inches!  We had turned it on that morning but because it's Ghana the water was cut off and nothing would come out of the pipe.  So, the Senior Couples had to drive to a nearby village, named Mpintin, to fill gallons, in order to fill the font.  It only took around 4 trips, of 40 minutes a piece, ha.  It was a late baptism, but it was well worth it.  A, the member that referred B to us, was the baptist and that was powerful!  A is waiting on his mission call right now...he's going to be powerful!  Just goes to show that the work of God can never be frustrated; the truth will prevail and will prosper!

2.  President attended our District Meeting, so we held it on Thursday rather than Tuesday.  It was spiritual.  President Shulz will be in the Seventy in a few short years, ha ha!!  Sister Shulz gave a wonderful instruction on the BOM and then President instructed us on Matthew 25, which includes the parable of the 10 virgins. Of course, we all know the importance of living the gospel and renewing our covenants to be prepared for the Lord's second coming, but he likened it more towards less actives and how we can help them return to activity.  How much oil do you have in store?  Be wise, and emulate Christ, as good works will "add drops of oil" to you container.

3.  Sunday we went to the stake center in Takoradi to view African Conference.  I wasn't aware of such an event, but I enjoyed it.  Basically, it's a broadcasting from Salt Lake, and it's shown to a large portion of  stakes and districts within Southeast and West Africa.  Among the speakers were Elder Christofferson and President Monson.  I loved it, but unfortunately I feel the language barriers restricted the level of understanding for many of the attendants.  That bothered me a little bit.  I really hope they introduce free SHS (senior high school) into Ghana.  I'll let you know when they finish all of their elections next month. (it's a hot topic right now)  BTW mom, I like that you didn't inform me of Obama's re-election, ha ha.  Someone isn't happy I suppose?  Africans love Obama, in fact, Africans just love America in general, so of course I was made aware.

This time next week I'll be able to let you in on transfer news.  We'll find out everything this Saturday.  Who knows what will happen, ha ha.

Well, you know me, I'm just trucking along, making the best if everything.  Remember to always find joy in the journey!  All these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good, ha ha.  I love mission!  ha ha.

Talk to you all next week.  Peace from Ghana!

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