Monday, November 26, 2012

I've Been Called To Be...

Sounds like everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving!  As for me, I forgot all about Thanksgiving, I even thought that it was still further ahead, ha.

Sounds like Sacrament meeting on Sunday was really great!  Seriously, members make better missionaries than actual missionaries, ha.  Brother B for instance, was a member referral.  Brother M was told about the church by his brother in Italy and actually lived with the Cape Coast Stake President a few years back.  So believe me when I say that there is more power than you think in a sincere testimony and just a simple invitation.  No effort is wasted in missionary work, even if your invitation doesn't lead to the person joining the church immediately, you never can tell what development will take place in just a few short years.  So by all means, don't fear rejection or that the person will be offended, etc.  People will respect your beliefs the majority of the time and at least appreciate your thoughts and concern.  So invite, invite, invite!

New member retention...that is a good subject.  When converts join the church, the ward should always ask itself a question; Am I doing my part in keeping these new people active?  Have I sincerely done my part in fellowshipping these new members?  Do I do my best to make them feel involved?  If there is a lack in any of those departments, the person's inactivity is generally due to feelings of neglect from the ward.

President Hinckley said it best, "joining the Church is a serious thing.  Each convert takes upon himself or herself the name of Christ with an implied promise to keep His commandments.  But coming into the Church can be a perilous experience.  Unless there are warm and strong hands to greet you, unless we reach out to you with love and concern, you may begin to wonder about the step you have taken.  Unless there are friendly hands and welcome hearts to greet you and lead you along the way, you may drop by the side.  We have the challenge of helping you to strengthen your testimony of the truth of this work.  We cannot have you walking in the front door and out the back!  Every one of you is precious.  Everyone of you is a son or daughter of God." (A Perfect Brightness of Hope, Ensign, Oct. 2006)

New members need more help from the "old" members than you may think.

My week has been normal, ha.  Transfer news came and I'm still with Elder Williamson, I'm not surprised though.  It's all good, I've got no problems with that.  The only thing that is different now is that...I've been called to be the new District Leader for the Kojokrom District!

So now, instead of just focusing on my area, I've got to be concerned with all of the Elders in my district and the work going on in their areas.  I'll have to conduct District Meetings, and all baptismal interviews, and all in all I've just got more on my plate now, ha ha.  It's cool though, whom the Lord calls He qualifies.  I'm not sure about my leadership credentials, but if it's what the Lord desires of me at this time, I must go and do.

I'm very excited for Brother M's wife!  We've been seeing her a couple times a week and she's progressing very well.  M's family as a whole is just special to me.  We had a powerful lesson last evening with some members that the Bishop wanted us to go with, and seeing M's faith just continue to burn and blossom, as well as seeing the wife gain a testimony of her own is just awesome!

Unfortunately, M's accident has come back to haunt him and he spent some time in the hospital, but he's out now and the ward has been there for him big time, which is great!  They even went and administered blessings on to him.  so as soon as he gets the priesthood, his wife will be baptized and then they will begin the preparations that will lead them to their eventual sealing in the Temple.  I'm happy!

Well, that's all for me.  You will hear from me again soon!

Take care until then...peace and love.

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