Monday, November 5, 2012

The Power of the Priesthood is Humbling...

I'm doing great, really great actually, ha ha.

I'm with you mom, I don't really derive any pleasure from Halloween time, it's kind of nonsense, ha.  That's funny though, children don't mess around when it comes to candy.  They're too young to understand that only the merciful shall obtain mercy, ha ha.

My week was awesome and that's why I'm so happy!  Well, first off we were able to watch the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions of General Conference... in English!  So, I was loving the talks, and to top it off, Brother M and Brother B were there at the Stake Center viewing it as well.  So we'll be having M's baptism this Sunday and B's the following week.  Those guys are powerful and committed.  It's true, the gift of faith is a priceless endowment, and M and B have been blessed with a lot of it.  M's leg is fine now, by the way, the power of the priesthood is humbling.

We had another really powerful lesson with A on Friday.  She wasn't able to come to church because we went to Takoradi, but she said she will come next week, so I'm praying for that.  She is slowly starting to see that the church has more to offer her, but it is hard for her to leave her former church because she's been going for years.  It's not easy to leave your church behind, but she knows the church is true.

The ward is helping us tremendously!  We've been getting a lot of referrals and it's fantastic.  The work is so much easier when the ward is involved.

Nothing crazy took place this week but the work sure was sweet.  There's another e-mail coming with pics.

That's about all for me.  Talk to ya next week!

Peace and love...

Elder Brown

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