Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Wonderful Christmas Phone Call!

I (Elder Brown's mom) had the opportunity to talk with Elder Brown for a while on Christmas Day and wanted to share just a little bit of that experience with those who keep up with his blog.

First, I will tell you that Elder Brown is doing very well and sounds extremely happy.  He had had a very good Christmas day so far.  He was able to hold a District Meeting that morning which was bittersweet for him.  Bittersweet he said, because it really hit him that this was the last year that he would be in the mission field during Christmas without all the worldly distractions and having the opportunity to just focus on the Savior.  So, that is what he focused on during the meeting, trying to get his Elders to see what a true blessing it is for them to be serving at Christmas and how quickly this time goes by and they will no longer have that opportunity.  He shared with them how he was feeling about it and what it meant to him and then asked each of them to share there experience of serving during Christmas.  He said it was truly a powerful meeting and the Spirit was felt strongly.  After the meeting several Elders approached him and told him that they really appreciated what he shared with them and thanked him.  Elder Brown was quite touched.

Second, I will share with you some insight that Elder Brown has gained while on mission.  Listening to him talk to me about this made me very proud because I know that he is growing.  I know that his mission will have been the best thing for him and he made the best out of it that he could.  He started the conversation-
"What you put into mission comes back to you."  He said what he meant by that was, when he first came out in the field and was with his first companion, he had a lot of pride.  His first companion is still his favorite and he loves him dearly, which speaks volumes about him!  Then Elder Brown got a new companion, who was very prideful.  Elder Brown did not like that and didn't want to be that way, and so he was able to work on himself and change that behavior.  Now he is humble.  Enter his third companion, who has helped him straighten out those last few areas that needed changing because of characteristics he could see in his companion that he doesn't want to have.  So, you see, because he had a lot of pride with his first companion, his next companion had a lot of pride.  So, the thing he needed to change within himself that he was putting forth he would get back in his next companion.  Therefore, what you put into mission comes back to you.  He said President asked him how he was doing and they had a long conversation in which he told President that he would never complain because he was being given the opportunity to have his stone smoothed and polished.  He said if you really think about it, the same applies to our callings.

Third,  Elder Brown  loved the journal that I put together for him and he said he really appreciated all the letters from everyone who wrote in it and all the pictures.  He is already planning on who is going to get to write in it from Ghana before they leave or before he leaves.  So, thanks again to all those who helped me in making the journal so special!  He even said that he totally knows who the Robinsons are now!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Sister Okwu and Elder Brown

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