Monday, December 31, 2012

Look Upon The Hearts Of Others...

What a year indeed!  Time flies on wings of lightning, huh?

As for the CD's, I've not listened to them yet, they are still in the box and I'm waiting for transfer news to come, ha.  But don't worry mom, I will surely love them.  On that same note, everything in the package, I surely love it.  Like I said, I eat everything!  Less Crystal light though, it's hard to drink so many so I just dash them out to my apartment mates.

As for my studies, I've been reading and pondering over the conference talks mostly.  I love "Of Regrets and Resolutions" by President Uchtdorf.  Aside from conference, I am focusing mainly on the BOM and this old institute manual that I found (it's a BOM student manual).  I love getting old quotes, etc. from those old manuals.  I keep a notebook with all of my instructions, etc. and I fill it with quotes as well.  It really helps when teaching and when giving instructions here in the field, but outside it will be of use as well.

I could say that I've had two nice spiritual experiences this week.  The first was during, yep you guessed it, a baptismal interview!  It was with a Brother J, who's been interviewed before but didn't pass so the missionaries have been reteaching him and preparing him for baptism.  So I get there and I meet him, make some small talk to get him comfortable, and then I separate a bit so that we could have more privacy for the interview.  Well, Brother J is a bit socially inept you could say, and he takes his time to respond to anything you ask him, etc.  This leads more people to assume he's daft or what have you.  Well as I was talking to him, at first I felt like he wasn't ready and that I wouldn't pass him.  Because it seemed that he was struggling to answer my questions, and then the Spirit flooded over me, I mean I felt encircled about in the arms of the Savior, and I just felt this undeniable love and care for this man I was interviewing.  I realized that he is a child of God and deserves the privilege of being a part of God's kingdom on earth.  That's when I changed my whole approach and came down to his level.  I expounded upon things so that he could easily understand them, and as soon as I did that, it was clear he knew everything and could answer all of the questions.  He just struggled to express it unless you were on the same level.  Faith is not a perfect knowledge of course, but as we talked about church and he expressed his testimony and how he feels when he's taught and attends church, I knew that he was prepared for baptism.  It was a good experience and it taught me even more, the importance of looking upon the heart of others.  Because the Lord doesn't judge based on countenance, he looks upon the heart, and He is our perfect example.

Sunday, after church we met with the A family and the Bishop.  We really want to strengthen and fortify their family, so we met with them in the Bishop's office to watch some church videos, etc.  It was really powerful and I loved how touched they were, and as I looked at their faces from time to time, I could see in their eyes the fire of the gospel growing stronger and stronger.  Since they have young children, Bishop really impressed upon Family Home Evening and we watched some videos concerning FHE and the benefits it brings the family unit.  It expounded more on the safety keeping the commandments bring, etc.  It was just really nice to be with them and their children, I like that family a lot.

Well, essentially that's the highlight of my week, but I'm excited for next Monday, ha.

Mom, it sounds like my New Year's will be just as crazy as yours!  It's in my blood I reckon, ha.

Talk to you all next week.  Take care.

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