Monday, December 3, 2012

That's a Lot of Certainty!

How do you measure a year? 525,600 minutes, sure sounds like a lot, but they run quick, ha!

It's a wonderful blessing to be agents unto ourselves, but it's a tragedy when that freedom leads to choices that will only bring misery.  It's one thing to hold to your beliefs and standards, but condemning another for holding to their own is one thing that bothers me.  Such an attitude doesn't improve anything.  Mission has taught me one golden rule: IT'S BETTER TO BE ONE, THAN TO BE RIGHT!  (It's more applicable in the mission field because we hold the same standards but we have different opinions).  When teaching part member families, we teach members to definitely not lower their standards, but we also pray that non-members will see that it is better to accept the members choices to live a cleaner life, so that their family can be happy TOGETHER, rather that be bitter and cause disunity.  Just wanted to share a bit of what was on my mind.

Well, I'm doing just fine.  I'm managing everything, ha.  So, I will be receiving 5 packages for Christmas?  Wow, I'm going to have too many packages, ha ha!  I'm even a little scared, ha.  SO MUCH DUTY!!

Fortunately M's wife will be baptized either this week or next week, so I'm excited about that.  Aside from that, we don't really have any progressing investigators, and it's December so most people will be traveling for the holidays so that's something we are facing.  Some with certainty insist that no certainty exists. Well I'm certain enough of this, you never know what will happen in this work, ha ha.

So, unfortunately I don't have too much to share about investigators, etc.  Aside from Sister A, no one is progressing right now, so everything is kind of slow, but I'm still having fun because there is sunshine in my soul, ha!  We're working with the members, so hopefully they will come through with some part member families we can teach, etc.

Today will be nice though, I'm going with a couple of MT's to grab a bite to eat, and by grab a bite, I mean get pizza!  I'm seriously craving some foods these days, ha.

So it's a dull update from me this week, sorry.  But I don't know what the future will hold, so let's look forward to next week!

Peace and Love

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