Monday, January 14, 2013

A Week Of Inspiration...

Sounds like Stake Conference was fantastic.  Stake Conferences and what not are nice here, but sometimes with the language and different variables, it's hard to get as much from them.  I'm looking forward to counsel that will be closer to home for me, you know?

Yea, Swedru Zone Leader.  It's cool so far, there are a lot more responsibilities but it's not too bad.  I'm fond of Winneba so far.  It's a very big area compared to the places I've served before.  There are actually 2 other Elders that proselyte here as well, we just divide the area in half.

Elder M is a great guy and we're getting along just fine.  I actually wish I was half the missionary that he is, ha.  He's a very powerful missionary and we've had some really quality lessons just this past week.  A lot of unity and synchronization and everything is just flowing naturally.  I'll learn a lot from him, and I'm expecting some quality converts to come before the next 8 weeks are over.

Winneba is a branch but it's a good sized branch.  Swedru is actually only a District so it's not even Stake level yet but that will change this year for sure. The members are nice, I haven't met many yet, but we've had several member present lessons, about 10, just from Wednesday to Sunday which isn't bad at all.

Elder M and I had 2 really powerful experiences this week:

The first was with Brother B; he was a contact from earlier in the week and we met him late in the evening around 7:30 p.m.  We started by asking him some typical questions to get to know him and become familiar.  He then goes on a tirade about juju and how certain people use it to prosper.  We listened for a little bit.  Then we began teaching him about the importance of following Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments.  That led into a discussion on Christ's baptism and the important points we learn from it, like how He was baptized, why and who baptized Him, etc.  We taught this for a while and his countenance began to change, we could see that he was feeling the Spirit.  We asked him to explain how he was feeling and what was on his mind.  To summarize, he tearfully explained why he asked us to come (God told him to) and how happy he was to learn more about Christ so he could follow Him.  It was just a sweet lesson and we all really felt the Spirit.  The area we were in was just so conducive for the Holy Ghost as well, so quiet and peaceful, very close to the beach.  It was nice.

The second was more recent.  The Elders have been teaching a woman for a while and she's been coming to church, etc. and wants to be baptized, but she's living with a man and has children with him but they aren't properly married.  So, of course she can't be baptized under those conditions.  The man doesn't want to marry, and is not faithful, not for some time now.  We go to see her and she comes out, we ask her how her day is going and she just breaks down.  She's crying and ranting about the man, how she can't take it anymore and wants to leave so she can be baptized and have peace of mind.  Being small boys, ha, we just sat and listened intently, praying for inspiration so that we can best help this woman.  So we continue listening, say a few words and then feel impressed to offer her a blessing.  She accepts and Elder Martin gives a very inspired blessing (he was a bit teary eyed and my eyes were moistened as well) and as we sat back down, you could just see the comfort radiating from her.  We finished with some scripture and testimonies of the importance of trusting the Lord, especially during trials like these.  It was a very powerful experience for both of us.  She is a wonderful woman and she's making the right choice but we're working with the Branch President and some High Priests, to really help her, because we can't really advise her too much as missionaries and because of our youth.  I'm curious how things will pan out in the next few months.

Well, Winneba is a lot like Cape Coast, it's developed and I'm enjoying it a lot.  I'll let you know a bit more next week and hopefully I can get some pictures as well.

Take care and we'll talk next week when I'm a bit more settled in to my new surroundings!

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