Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm surprised I'm even at a computer right now, the week has just totally escaped me.  We're still just working hard and the investigators are getting closer and closer to baptism,which is great.  My mind is just in a haze in a sense, ha.  the week just went by so fast.

We went on splits with the Swedru missionaries, that was interesting.  I always enjoy splits, it's fun to see how different everyone's style of teaching is.

B came to church again this week!  The guy is powerful.  The numbers were a bit small this week, only 5 investigators attended church, but nonetheless we were thrilled.

No doubt the Lord trusts Elder Martin and I and placed B, among others, directly in our path.  I just love how the Spirit kept constraining Nephi, ha.  Always obey a prompting.  President Monson has so many marvelous experiences of just that.  Obeying a prompting with exactness and then witnessing the miracle that results.  Faith is courage.  The faith to listen for a quiet prompting and then courageously following through on that prompting.

Haha, mom, I didn't mean it in that way.  In Ghana a small boy is any young man, regardless of height or size, ha.  Just a 20 year old in the midst of High Priests, it's an interesting sight, no? ha.

My time is cut short a bit this week, but I promise to have some stories next week.

Just a typical Zone Leader missionary week! ha.

Talk to you soon!

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