Monday, February 4, 2013

Lessons:Powerful and Interesting...

Well, where do I start? ha.  We had a pretty hectic week, but in the best way imaginable.

To start, we went on splits to Odoben which is a village maybe 40-50 minutes from Swedru, which is 45 minutes from Winneba.  however, our tro-tro driver was the slowest driver ever! ha.  We were literally cruising around 20 KM the whole drive and it took us over 2 hours, ha ha.  It was an adventure just to get there, but it was a good day.  The Elders there are doing well.  We stayed the night as well, we stay the night whenever we go on splits, and the Elders treated us very well as is to be expected.
We had some really powerful lessons and some really interesting lessons as well.

So B is doing great; came to church again and also bore a really powerful testimony of how following Christ, even for only a few short weeks has brought so many blessings into his life, including a new job (the story behind that was amazing).  Hopefully he will be baptized in early March.  I'm so glad I stopped to talk to him, if I hadn't I would have missed out on sooo much.

Sister P is great, we are now teaching her partner and he is repenting at a promising rate.  They are still working things out with the wedding and hopefully that will take place in March as well.  She came to church with her daughter and the man should come next week.

We are teaching a student (we proselyte around the south campus of the University of Winneba) and he is a really talented painter.  He has been taught for a while and he always lacked trust in God, but the past few times we've gone he's realized he has lacked true faith and is really beginning to progress and build his testimony.  He normally likes to argue, but he is doing really well.

We started teaching a man named J, who we actually met weeks ago when he asked us for 1 cedi.  We felt like he really needed it but we don't give out money, so we said no.  We felt terribly guilty though, because in his eyes you could see he needed it for transportation.  We looked for him after he walked away but couldn't find him.  Well, he called us recently for teachings, so we tried to meet with him and it didn't work out.  Then the next day our phone spoiled.  The day we actually do meet with him, guess what happened?  His house caught fire that morning and everything he had was spoiled!  It was terrible but he was handling it with great faith. So we talk to him small and help him move and salvage whatever he could.  it was depressing, really depressing, but God gave us a second chance to help for a reason.

I taught my first non-Ghanaian recently.  he is a British guy, but his father is Ghanaian, and he's doing a semester abroad.  Teaching a European is much different from a Ghanaian.  how they read body language, pick up on subtleties, and the whole vibe was very different.  But it was a powerful discussion and I really enjoyed it.  If the Elders want me to go to a lesson with them when I get home, it's going to be a whole different world to me, ha ha.  We teach a lot differently here.

So, we have to postpone the baptism for the 9th.  But it's not a problem, we just want them to be better prepared.  So it's looking like it will take place in a few weeks.

It seemed like a much slower week, but we really managed to move our investigators forward in progression.  That's the mark of a successful week...did you edify the investigators?  Was their faith increased?  And that has certainly been the case this week.

Sunday, Elder Legrand Curtis of the Area Presidency and the 1st Quorum of the Seventy worshiped with us.  He bore a powerful testimony of Christ and of the Church, i was moved, we all were.  I have a lot of respect for the Brethren.  We will be having a Zone Conference with him on Thursday.  Swedru, Praso, and Assin Fosu zones will all be there.  he will meet with all the Zone leaders early before it begins, so I can expect some instruction from him I suppose, ha.

Guess what?  On Valentines day, my baptismal anniversary, something really amazing is taking place.  Can you guess?  Do you give up?  You don't have any ideas?  Well, I guess I'll just tell you...Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to the mission for a mission devotional!!!  I've dreamed of this day!  An Apostle coming to visit the mission.  I don't know if he will meet with the Zone Leaders before the devotional begins, but it's going to be so powerful.

So, my week was sweet to say the least, ha ha.  Solid investigators, many came to church.  i'm enjoying Elder Martin, I'm enjoying the ZL thing, I'm just enjoying, ha ha.

Well, that's about all for me this week.  Talk to you next week!

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