Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Eyes Are Open...

Charity is a two way road; you have to serve, but you have to let others serve you as well.  Jesus Christ  washed the Apostles feet, but he also let the woman wash his feet at the house of the Pharisee in Luke 7:38. We are all striving to be Christlike, and sometimes letting others serve us requires a great deal of humility.  But that humility, that meekness, is an important trait to have in order to dwell with God and the Savior (Moroni 7:44).

Well, where do I start?  We had a busy week as usual, so it's no surprise it is already Monday again, and this Saturday we shall receive transfer news.  One highlight was sister A's baptism.  She has been very prepared by the Lord and has been coming to church for ages.  She's finally been able to enter into covenant, and I'm very happy for her.

On that same topic of church, we had 7 investigators at church...and P/the family were among!!!  It's amazing to see their progression, the only obstacle now is the marriage.  We were worried about B because he hasn't come to church for 2 weeks now, which is very unusual for him, but we found out from his sister that he has been sent to Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region, which is very far in Northern Ghana.  Not sure when he will return, but the church is there so he may have even found it.  I'm just glad we were able to help him gain a testimony and I know he will be in the church eventually, whether by my hands or another, it is the same.

We went on splits to Swedru again, and I was very impressed with the Elders that I was with.  We stayed the night at their apartment and had to go to Odoben the next morning to get the Elders there water (AGAIN).  We had to travel about 35 minutes to another city, past Odoben, in order to get a firetruck to bring them water.  So yea, I rode through an African village in a firetruck, ha ha.  Pretty cool, right? ha.

My companion and I had the opportunity to report on Zone Council Tuesday, as well as offer instruction.  We instructed on working with members, or rather "establishing the church."  We were well pleased with the results and the zone members were edified, so no complaints about that.  It felt great to help them see the bigger picture of missionary work; increasing the capacity of the success in the branch in which you serve.  Our eyes are finally opened in this mission, ha.

Today we went to the beach for some relaxation! ha.  Got together with the Sisters for a District activity and it was pretty fun.  The District and, moreover the Zone, I feel will be very affected by transfers so we are all anticipating Saturday, ha.

I'm getting closer to home every day, ha.  I wonder how Jay is feeling right now?  I can imagine his family is pretty excited.  I reckon he's just starting off the countdown for the rest of us, ha.

Well, I'm now at a loss for words, ha.  So, until next week, take care!

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