Monday, February 11, 2013

Zone Conference Was Awesome!

My companion is really helping me in every aspect of my life right now.  I'm going to be eternally grateful for him and his example.  He's helped me to come to myself again.  I am now going to start living a health conscious life again.  That means no soda (I didn't drink it back home), watching what I eat ( less carbs and bad fats, which isn't easy in Ghana), and I've been exercising with my companion in the mornings.  I feel great and before it is all through I will look great as well, ha.  When I come home I need to be both spiritually AND PHYSICALLY FIT!

In my spare time one of my apartment mates will teach me how to sew and alter clothing (mostly to fit better).  I still have a strong passion for men's clothing and style.  Part of me really wants to pursue it.  I've realized that conversing with Elder Martin.  I love to teach, but I also love fashion, I really do.

Well onto the week!

1.  Zone Conference with Elder Curtis was powerful!  ZL's had to report to him about our zones and that was a tad intimidating, but powerful as well.  We had a bit of a fiasco in the morning though, one Elder came without his companion and it was just a big mess and ordeal.  Childish really, but we handled it.

2.  During the Conference, Sister Curtis was instructing and then unexpectedly called on me to come up and share my conversion story.  President Shulz made sure I spoke about you and nana as well.  It was nice, I enjoyed sharing it, and Sister Curtis and Sister Shulz were just so happy afterwards.  It was nice, it really was.  I'm so grateful you two are in the church.

3.  Today we took the zone to Kakum (my 2nd time) and it was quite a journey, but we had a really good time.  It's remarkable how intricate and beautiful nature really is.

4.  Ben was at church again.  Love that guy!  Hopefully we will finish teaching him by March 28th.  He's solid, one of my favorites on mission.  I loved watching him just get into the hymns  really learning them, really evolving into a full member.  My joy was full!

5.  We're still working with P and her husband.  We had  to really teach them about the Sabbath day, they didn't come to church because of "laziness."  I was a little disappointed, but that's life, ha.

6.  S the painter has been avoiding us, and we saw him at the JW church when we were riding with the AP's before sacrament meeting.  He's afraid of the truth, very sad.

This week will be busy!  Tomorrow we have an emergency, combined District Meeting.  We have to collect all of the ATM cards and bring them to the Zone Council on Wednesday.  Because of the devotional all ZL's will stay the night at the mission home/Cape Coast apartments, and of course we are all excited about Elder Cook gracing us with his presence.  I'm hyped, but the transfer is already almost over and I fear that Elder Martin may leave me on transfer.  I'll keep you posted on that.

Well that's about all for me this week.  Very gratifying, very successful.

Oh, never hesitate on a priesthood blessing.  We are agents meant to act not merely be acted upon, and should use all of our God given ability and faculty to progress and benefit ourselves.  Always seek help from the Lord, AS YOU SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.  That is what President Young would call "practical religion."  You won't regret it, I promise.  There is power in the priesthood.

That's all she wrote.  I can't wait to tell you about Elder Cook next week!  Talk to you soon!

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