Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Standard of Excellence...

Hmmm, well to be honest the past two weeks haven't been easy as far as the area is concerned.  A lot of investigators just shifted on us unexpectedly and now it's hard to reach them.  There always seems to be a new obstacle preventing us to really see the fruits of our labors.  It's been disheartening for sure, but we are just doing everything we can to make the most of what we have.  We've basically started from scratch, concerning our teaching pool.  Winneba is a tough area, maybe because of the university.

P lost her job and fell sick with malaria, so we are now dealing with that.  How much can one heart take, right?  It's not been easy for her in the least.  I feel like Moses; seeing Canaan but never being able to enter.  But I can leave Winneba tomorrow and still feel very accomplished knowing that I did everything I could.

We did hold Zone Leader Council.  That was powerful, of course.  We have a new standard of excellence, which my companion and I will have to instruct on.  The standards are: 9 hours of proselyting, working with members, 35 gospel conversations, and now at least 15 lessons a week.

So District Meeting tomorrow will be fun, ha!

Elder Ani is doing well, he likes to work which is good and he is a funny guy.  The training is not bad he's learning quickly and asks a lot of questions.  So, even if I were to leave after this transfer he will do just fine.

B is our most promising investigator right now.  He's been attending for a while now and is a very sweet guy.  He's a student at the university and was supposed to be baptized on the 31st but will probably vacate for Easter, and he's from Brong Ahafo, so he'd be back early April.  Either way, he's pretty set in stone so I am excited for him.

I did get a letter from one of my converts in Nkanfoa.  I don't know if you'd remember their names but him and another of my favorite converts are preparing to serve missions!  When I read that I was just filled with joy, and couldn't help but think how the Kingdom of God is just rolling forth.  The Lord is really hastening His work.
The office Elders proselyte in Nkanfoa, so I ask of these two a lot and they are always helping the missionaries to teach, etc.  I'm trying to figure out a way to get entries from them for my journal.  Maybe next ZL council on the 10th.

That was definitely one of the highlights of the week for me!

Well, that's about all to be honest.  Still loving Ghana but Winneba has been a bit difficult; we can handle it though, ha ha.

Take care and keep the faith.

Until next week!

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