Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Transfer = Big Responsibility

Isn't it wonderful how Heavenly Father presents us so many opportunities to learn and become better?  And it's all made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ!  We make mistakes and receive forgiveness through repentance and the redeeming power, but we're able to progress and overcome the obstacles through His grace, the enabling power.  The circumstance didn't change, nothing was physically altered in your predicament, but the Lord knew your struggles and made your burdens light, and you came out stronger in the end.  What a wonderful thing indeed!
Don't give up on your friend, the Gospel truly softens hearts, and through Christlike love she'll turn around.  Both the giver and receiver are blessed, because charity sanctifies and purifies everything it touches!  We talk of charity as an action, but it is rather a state of the heart and it prompts us to be kind and love one another.  No one is perfect, but we still need to be improving.

Speaking of school, I feel like I've come to a greater conclusion on what I'd like to pursue, journalism!  It just kind of dawned on me this week that I never really lost my love for it, I just let doubt and feelings of inadequacy discourage me.  Mission is helping me gain skills that could certainly benefit me (asking effective questions, problem solving, confidence, talking to everyone, etc,).  It's true that in the Church you can always teach, and if you can remember, journalism was a very big interest of mine in the past.  I guess I've rekindled my dream, my passion.  It embodies many of my interests: English, research, writing, and by God's grace I could even write for...a men's fashion magazine!  That would be delightful, but writing for a newspaper, Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, any form really would interest me.  That's just something that came to me recently, I don't know.

We had 8 investigators at church!  No news from B, but I have faith that I'll see him again.  P and the family are still coming, it's really wonderful.  After church we went to their place with a powerful member they know (his family is fellowshipping them) and he helped us teach about the importance of baptism and how they shouldn't let more obstacles get in their way of marrying and being baptized.  He helped us so much and it really opened their eyes.  So they are praying over a date they want to commit to their marriage, and hopefully that will be in April!  We'll see, feel free to pray for them, ha.

Kind of a slow week as far as teaching goes.  We had fewer lessons but the ones we had were powerful.  Sister V and Brother B are the closest to baptism right now, and they are both just really great.  All in all everything is going well.  No complaints, no complaints, ha ha.

Well, transfer news came and it is certainly a big transfer.  8 from my Zone are leaving of our 18 members.  And that's just for Swedru Zone, much more happened elsewhere.  But unfortunately 2 in my apartment are leaving; Elder Brown (Australian) and Elder Martin!  We're both pretty sad about that, we were having a good time and teaching one another many things.  Elder Martin is going to Assin Fosu to be a Zone Leader there and I'll be training a new Zone Leader, Elder Ani from Nigeria.  It's a bit strange because there are others who have been Zone Leaders for a few transfers and haven't trained a new one, and I'm already training after only being here one transfer.  Quite a responsibility, but Elder Martin taught me well and the Lord will qualify me for the work.  Now most of the responsibility in the Zone rests on me.  I sure will miss Elder Martin, but we will meet at Zone Council.

I tell you, Wednesday is going to be crazy!  Getting everyone to their destination is going to be a bit hectic, but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way, ha ha.

So, has the DeVore family left?  How are the Parkers?  The Boyds?

I got a short letter from Tristi!  Score right? ha ha.  I was surprised to receive that to be honest, ha.

Well, enough of my blabbering, ha.  I had a pretty fruitful week and let's pray they continue!

Until next week, take care, keep the faith, and trust in the Lord!

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