Monday, March 11, 2013


To be honest, I've lost my focus and train of thought because I was reading mom's mail and the electricity company shut off the lights!  So it was a blackout until the cafe could get the generator running.  Just another day, right? ha ha.

I'm wondering if I will recognize any familiar faces in the ward when I return, ha ha.  The Vauses just get caught up in the shift of the boundaries or what?  That's too bad really, that we are losing so many, but someone with a greater vision than ours is in charge!

Yea, it's pretty powerful how well P and the family are doing.  I wish I had time to tell you the story of late, concerning their date, etc.  But in short, during the lesson, they mentioned May 25th but then on their own decided that it's too far away and that they want their baptism!  We'll see, hopefully I won't be transferred!

Transfers went well.  Elder Ani is a very sweet guy, and we're having fun.  The owners of the cafe are rushing us because of the generator so I'm going to have to cut it short this week.

But church was great, 6 investigators including P and the fam.  Hopefully baptisms are to come shortly.  The new zone is very good and a lot of problems will be done away with.  Once again, I repeat, I'm loving Elder Ani and life is good!

We'll talk well next week!  That's Ghana for you! ha

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