Monday, March 25, 2013

Can You Feel So Now?

I love Elder Quentin L. Cook and his talk from last conference, "Can you feel so now?"  He says that repentance and commitment are closely intertwined and individuals may not have committed serious sins, but maybe they are casual in their observance of sacred covenants, scripture study, etc.  Alma 5 is a wonderful chapter and I encourage all to read it and gauge themselves.  Have you experienced that mighty change of heart?  If yes, can you still feel to sing the song of redeeming love?  If not, why not?  If you know those who can not, strengthen and uplift them.

Anytime we have an idea to do good (mom), it is from the Holy Ghost and that prompting should be obeyed no matter how seemingly small.  Definitely your answer has come and don't waste time following up on it.  You have the Holy Ghost in you and you are worthy of His guidance.  Your mouth will be opened and your tongue will be loosed in your very moment of need.  I pray that her heart will be softened and she will be receptive.

Well for starters, things are slowly improving.  We're finding people to teach and that's the first step.

My companion and I reported on Zone Leader Council and gave instruction on the new standard, and the importance of Proper Planning in order to achieve the standards.  It went over well, but the zone was definitely surprised by the new revelation, ha.

Wednesday we went on splits to Odoben.  I always enjoy my time there and the Elders are doing so well.

Sunday was incredible!  9 investigators came to church, and some new prospects are available for the coming weeks.  Go members!  Helping missionaries is the best, ha!

An interesting experience happened Friday night.  We were on our way back to the apartment and I noticed a woman gathering up baskets she had used to sell fried fish in the market.  The baskets were many, so as we were walking I turned to my companion and told him we need to help her carry them to her home.  So we do and immediately she was apprehensive, but eventually inclined graciously.  The oil from the baskets stained our shirts and she was upset, but we helped her understand it wasn't a big deal at all and were glad to help.  So we finished and as we were leaving she expresses a lot of gratitude and asks us to come back and teach her and a friend.  Of course we were excited to hear that and planned to come the next day.  We come with a member to help us with translation and the woman tells us she has her church, but she wants us to teach her daughter.  We told her that is fine as long as the daughter wants us to come, and so she calls the daughter out to meet us.  Her name is E and we get to know her a little bit and invited her to church that very Sunday, and guess what?  She actually came!  She came with her 8 month old baby.  She enjoyed church and we are now teaching her.

But I learned a lesson about service, well I relearned a lesson about service.  Service really does soften hearts and opens up doors for others to be able to receive the gospel.  Service won't necessarily result in baptism but that's not the point, we are called to do good in every form out of a heartfelt desire to serve our fellow beings.

We always use Ammon as an example of service preparing people for the gospel.  Of course in Alma 17 we read about Ammon saving king Lamoni's flocks at the waters of Sebus, but there is something I love in Alma 18 as well.  In Alma 18, Ammon has returned with the kings servants after saving the flocks.  The king calls the servants forth to testify of what had taken place and upon hearing about Ammon and his great service, he is astonished.  He even believes Ammon to be the "Great Spirit" and desires to meet him.  What I love is in verses 8-10.  The king is very impressed with this great act of service and in verse 8 asks where he can find Ammon.  In verse 9, his servants reply that he is "feeding thy horses."  What I love is that now Ammon is performing a seemingly less impressive act, but how does the king respond?  In verse 10 we learn king Lamoni was "more astonished" by this seemingly less significant act of service, which of course later leads to a meeting with the king, and an eventual conversion.  What's my point?  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  (Alma 37:6)
We don't have to perform miracles, we don't have to fed 5,000 in order to make a difference  and touch hearts; it starts with small, personal acts of kindness.  And that's a lesson I'm happy to relearn.

That's about it as far as my week goes.  The picture is me and my new companion.

Talk to you all next week, ha!

Elder Ani and Elder Brown
Elder Brown

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