Monday, April 8, 2013

Gratitude For Where I Am...

Well time is running short for me, so let me begin...

Church was a bit of a disappointment this week to be honest.  P and the family didn't show, E didn't show, and B is still gone (the university lecturers are on strike), so only 2 investigators came.  Not letting that keep us down.  It seems B's baptism date will have to be postponed AGAIN, because the lecturers won't likely resume anytime soon.

But I was greatly edified throughout the week.  For starters, we had a combined DM with President, Sister Shulz, and the AP's.  Funny, Sister Shulz gave an instruction on Faith and it's importance as a principle of power.  I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the day when we (mom and I) can really sit down and discuss the gospel.  President talked about the great apostasy and the restoration, and that was very interesting instruction, and the the AP's talked about the correlation between obedience and blessings.  It was an inspiring meeting.

Recently my companion and I accompanied a councilor in the Branch Presidency and the assistant clerk to the District President's home.  There we encountered the wife and began a lovely chat.  The wife turned to the clerk (who is around 20) and said, "when will you serve a mission?"  She then proceeded to offer a spine tingling discourse, of sorts, on the importance of young men serving missions and the inherent blessings that result from this service.  It was definitely inspired, and as I listened and reflected, I couldn't help but recall the many experiences I've undergone and the lessons I've learned; a feeling of utter gratitude for the opportunity and privilege to serve quickly overcame me.  I'm grateful to be here right now and I marvel at the thought that I originally didn't want to serve.  If I had stayed, I would not have attained a particle of the progression that I have in the field, whether spiritual, physical, mental, you name it.  I'm always grateful I came.

The work wasn't as fruitful or forthcoming, but I can say my testimony is stronger.  I have been studying like crazy, so I really want new scriptures.  The separate Bible and BOM/D&C/PGP.  Medaase papa!

I arranged for my converts to add entries into my journal.  They are turning in their papers in May.  It's surreal, and it's amazing to think of how many people will eventually come into the gospel through my service, the chain that is created, or rather continued because I am continuing Sister Hancock's/Sister Malcolm's chain.  It's awe inspiring to think of.

I'm definitely enjoying the ZL thing and I'm definitely learning a lot.  We went to the cape coast castle today, that was nice although I've been before.

That's about all for this week.  Transfers are coming again, we'll know the news this Saturday.  This Wednesday is Zone Council.  Should be an interesting week.  Keep ya informed!

I did get letters by the way, like 4!  Gold mine! ha ha

Hope I didn't forget anything, but you know my mind is always in a blur these days.

Talk to ya soon!

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